Frequently Asked Questions

ALFAcashier provides the automatic exchange of electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can also use bank transfers for the purchase and sale of electronic money, including cryptocurrency.

All e-currencies exchanges are instant and it takes one minute maximum. If you do not receive your money in 10 minutes, please contact support. Please note that the speed-of-delivery also depends on payment systems.

This earning method offers you a good opportunity to make money passively. You will receive a percentage commission based on the value of the financial transactions performed by any customer who was invited by you. 

After registering at you will receive various promotional materials to choose from (texts, banners, scripts), which will make your job extremely easy. All you have to do is invite users to our website by posting promotional materials on your homepages, blogs, forums, Q&A services, blackboards, social network pages, and other resources. Your link will contain a unique code that allows us to track which users came to our website by following your particular link. 

All you have to do is sign up on the website. Once the signup process is complete you will receive access to an account where you will find all the promotional materials you need, including banners, partner links, etc., as well as traffic statistics for your partner link. This data will help you analyze the results of your work.


Every order has this status in the beginning.


Order has been paid. Funds will be transferred to you in a moment.


Order has been paid, but awaits to be processed manually. Be patient, manual processing happens within the working hours.


Order wasn't paid in the time specified (usually 2 hours).


Order has been paid. We were unable to transfer funds temporarily. Be patient, the funds will be transferred manually within the working hours.


Order has been refunded.


This status means that we received unconfirmed payment for your order. Once it's confirmed by cryptocurrency network the status will change to Paid.


Order has been completed successfully.


A hold has been placed on this amount for 72 hours for security reasons. The exchange rate will be updated when the transaction is complete.

All transactions are automatic and proceed without an operator. This means that you can exchange your currency at any time you like - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

For tracking anonymous referrals we set 14-days cookie. If referral registers after visiting your referral link - you will earn from all his future exchanges. There is no time limit on your referrals: you will be earning commission from every exchange they make.

Yes! Just advertise our services by using the referral link you receive after signing up on various forums and social networks and by recommending us to your friends and coworkers.

You can cancel only New or Pending orders:
- via 'cancel' button on the order page;
- via link in order e-mail;
- at My Orders (only for registered users).

Tell people about our service:

  • on your website;
  • on your blog;
  • on a forum;
  • on social networks by recommending our services to your friends, coworkers, and partners.

The discount applies to the exchange commission.

Usually receipt of funds takes no more 2-3 days; maximally, it can take 7 days, depending on the bank.

No. This is prohibited by the system.

  • You have not completed the transaction within 2 hours.
  • You have sent the wrong amount (including pennies), and our system has not recognized your payment.
  • You have the specified wrong information about yourself.

If you use spam, you will cause serious damage to the website and the project as a whole, which could lead to the domain name and even the website itself being blocked. You should not use spam or other illegal methods of advertising your partner links. If you do, the administration reserves the right to unilaterally exclude you from participation and cut off the payment of all partner bonuses. 
These are the varieties of spam we categorically prohibit:

  • automatic mailouts to messengers: ICQ, Skype Viber, Whatsapp, etc.;
  • emails to people who have not signed up to receive mailouts;
  • automatic spam to forums or blogs;
  • spam in personal messages on social networks and the use of any software to increase the number of participants in a group or in a public page;
  • any attempt to contact an audience in the name of the official representatives of​.

If we receive a complaint about a partner violating our rules we will conduct a mandatory investigation and, if the partner is determined to have used spam, their account will be blocked forever and their funds will be frozen without the possibility of withdrawal.

No. ALFAcashier’s partner program is a single-level program.

Yes, the received amount will be recalculated upon our receiving confirmation (or process the exchange) but only if that time is more than 15 minutes.

Your partner profile has an “Income and Referrals” sections where you can access statistical information on your income and the users of your partner link. Link to the section:

Yes, if the user transfers currency with such Wallets as Yandex.Money, MoneyPolo, OBT (Skrill), bank wire, TrustPay the Administrator reserves the right to suspend the services up to 72 hours to prevent the use of services for executing suspicious transactions.

Yes. All registered referrals are linked to their partners forever. If your referral does not create an ALFAcashier account, the customer is considered your referral for 14 days (this is tracked using a browser cookie) after following your link.

Please contact our service with proof of the scam/fraud and we will share all the information about that issue. After that, please contact the payment system with all the necessary information where your money goes and ask to suspend the thief’s account.

Referral users are linked to partners forever, so any transactions they perform for the rest of their lives will earn profit for their partners.

A separate registration is not required to begin using Merchant functions. All registered ALFAcashier users already have access to this function.

You can make a withdrawal as soon as your balance has reached $50. Withdrawals occur automatically when you request them in your profile.

You can learn more about the basic principles behind the Merchant function here:

Detailed instructions can be found here:

After selecting a payment system for settling accounts you will have to create an invoice and send it to your customer, who will then pay in either the crypto-currency you have selected or the crypto-currency of their own choosing if no specific crypto-currency type has been selected.

  • The problem is on the payment system side, or on the bank side. As soon as the problem is fixed, your funds will arrive in your account shortly thereafter.
  • Your bank account or e-currency wallet was blocked or had some restrictions placed on it. In this case, we will send you your money back, except the bank/payment system fee in 1 to 7 days.
  • You have specified the wrong payment data. In case that account exists, and we completed the transaction, you should contact the owner of that account, and talk to them. If the account does not exist and the payment freezes in our system, we will complete this transaction to the right address after checking your ID.

Electronic currencies are exchanged automatically and instantaneously.

Please keep in mind that the overall speed at which you receive funds depends on how long it takes for the ALFAcashier system to get the crypto-currency, as well as how long it takes for the funds to be transferred to the account-settlement system you have selected.

Wire transfers take several days to complete. Funds take 2-3 days to transfer, with a maximum of seven days, depending on the bank to which the funds are being transferred.
The amount of time it takes to transfer crypto-currency depends on network confirmation. It typically takes about 20-40 minutes to receive funds once they have been sent.
Exchanges using wire transfers are processed manually and take 24 hours.

The same rules that apply to the ALFAcashier service itself apply to the partner program. Please see the “Security Measures” point in the User Agreement here:

To send a customer an invoice, just save the invoice address you received and send it to your customer as a link. You can also send the link directly via email if you enter the customer’s email address when creating the invoice.

That depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. The level of traffic on the website or group of sites on which the information about us has been posted.
  2. How good a match the topic of the website is for the target audience that might be interested in our currency exchange services. In other words, don't expect a lot of people to follow your partner link on a website about growing cucumbers.
  3. Providing the information correctly. For example, not many people are going to be attracted by a “currency exchange” link without a description of any kind. Try to provide plenty of information about the service, limitations, and suitable payment systems in your region (country).

Don't worry, if you specify the correct e-mail address while making a transaction, you should receive an email with the necessary link. By following the link you can finish your order.

The fee depends on the sender and recipient and generally equals 0.5%-3% of the transaction amount.

Technically, this kind of situation is impossible, but if for some reason it does happen, send our support service a detailed email indicating the link and the number of the order that was placed using it, and we will try to clarify the situation.

Depending on the sender and recipient, invoices usually last between two and 24 hours.

If a customer rejects an order and receives a refund, the information about this order is removed from the partner's account. The only exception is if the partner's commission for this order has already been paid out to the partner.

You can ask your question by contacting our support service at after registration. We’re always available. You will get a response within 24 hours.