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  • Banking payments are processed manually within 24 hours
  • PerfectMoney often delays transfer, forcing us to expect you and us
  • EgoPay payments delayed from 12 hours to 2 days for check by the EgoPay
  • If exchange for Bitcoin or Litecoin is completed, refund is not possible
  • Carefully transfer the money to Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Support service works only at a certain time
  • We have the right to refuse without any reason in the exchange and may block your account
  • If order is not paid it will be canceled automatically
  • If you send to Bitcoin amount less than the minimum, we do not return the money back
  • We offer a discount for registered users. Discount applies to our commission fee
  • All reserves are on the main page
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We do not accept exchanges and registrations from individuals or companies based in the USA (United States of America).
This includes US citizens residing overseas.
If you fall under the above mentioned category or being an US resident, please do not register an account with us nor place any kind of exchange at all.