Litecoin Merchant

Litecoin is that the second hottest peer-to-peer digital currency, and is offered anyplace there's net access.
In our ever increasing Digital world, the need for merchants to accumulate new customers is dominant. usually often challenged by the chance to merchants once inflicting product across the globe and securing payments.

Until now, taking payments as a web bourgeois was risky business. The protection provided by mastercard firms and payment processors heavily favored shoppers, and left merchants backed into a corner. usually often terribly true once it involves merchants who deal in digital merchandise. Finally, because of Litecoin, there is a smart manner for merchants to need cash-like transactions. Once you've got got been bought an honest or service in Litecoin, the money is owned by you and cannot be charged back. Honest transactions unit of measurement the norm with Litecoin! What’s lots of is that there aren't any fees to easily settle for Litecoin, that suggests higher margins or lots of competitive valuation. Litecoin may well be a merchants best friend!
ALFAcashier has developed a singular Payment entrance, mistreatment the assorted blessings of Litecoin and our XMLRPC based API, which can merely be integrated into any existing e-commerce site.

Finally, because of Litecoin, there is a smart manner for merchants to need cash-like transactions & taking payments as a web merchants has frequently been a risky business.

A basic outline of the Payment gate follows
1. The consumer starts the checkout technique
2. Payment details may be showed on a store page in usual style or on separate ALFAcashier bourgeois page
3. you will receive a push notification and standing update once a payment is created
4. you'll directly receive the payment in elite cryptocurrency

Currency rates

1.00 EUR = 1.08 USD
1.00 USD = 51.90 RUB
1.00 BTC = 223.57 USD
1.00 LTC = 1.40 USD
1.00 EUR = 1.08 USD
1.00 EUR = 56.12 RUB
1.00 BTC = 206.74 EUR
1.00 LTC = 1.30 EUR
1.00 EUR = 56.12 RUB
1.00 USD = 51.89 RUB
1.00 BTC = 11,602.27 RUB
1.00 LTC = 72.76 RUB