How to pay your order with cryptocurrency

For your convenience, at ALFAcashier the exchange rate is fixed for 15 minutes. That means to preserve your exchange rate you need to send transaction in 15 minutes after you’ve created your order. We also give 24 hours for your transaction to get confirmed on the blockchain, otherwise the exchange rate will be also updated.

In this example guide we will show you how to pay your order with cryptocurrency.

Example: exchange NEM to Perfect Money.

1. Select the source currency (1) at ALFAcashier (in this example we choose NEM) and enter the required amount (2). If you change destination amount the source amount will be automatically re-calculated and vice versa.


2. Select the destination currency (1) at ALFAcashier (in this example we choose Perfect Money) and click the green “Exchange” button (2):


3. Here you can change the required amount of destination currency (2) (in our example: Perfect Money) or source amount (1) (in our example: NEM) you’d like to exchange. If you change destination amount the source amount will be automatically re-calculated and vice versa:


4. a) Enter your e-mail address (1) (if you’d like to get an e-mail when your exchange order finishes or leave it blank, e-mail field is completely optional).
b) Enter your Perfect Money address (2) where exchanged funds will arrive. Make sure to provide the correct address you own! In our example the destination address - is the Perfect Money address.
c) If you’re logged in you can save this wallet’s address for the future re-use or use previously saved wallet. 


Please Note: If your destination currency is XRP, Monero or NEM and you are transferring cryptocurrency to an online wallet, exchange or any other third-party service, you must specify appropriate Destination Tag for XRP, a Payment ID for Monero or Message for NEM, otherwise you can click on 'No Destination Tag', 'No Payment ID' or 'No Message' checkmark and leave it blank.

5. Accept the service terms (1), resolve the CAPTCHA (2) and then click on the Submit (3) button:


6. The next page is the payment page. You need to send exact amount displayed (2) to our deposit address (3):


Please note: the warning in (1) - you need to make sure to specify Message (4) in your transaction for NEM and make sure your message is not encrypted, otherwise your exchange order will not be completed automatically!

7. Now, you need to pay your NEM order, the process of payment depends on the wallet you’re using. But, the general idea is to copy paste the NEM deposit address into address field and copy paste Message into the Message field from the payment page in (6) in your wallet. We’ll show here as an example how to do this with NEM’s Nanowallet:


8. Congratulations! Your order has been completed.


We hope you find our service easy and convenient to use.

Best wishes,
​ALFAcashier team.


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