How to create an invoice using the Merchant function

Merchant Section.

In this section we will tell you all about how our website’s invoicing system works using the Merchant function.

Please follow our instructions to begin accepting Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies as payment for goods and services.

To perform the following actions you must be registered at You can get more detailed information about the registration process here:

1. Begin by opening the “Merchant” tab:


Here you can familiarize yourself with the basic principles behind the Merchant function:

Basic principles

2. Press the “Continue” button to go to the page on which you will create your first invoice.

Create invoice

3. Press the “Add new” button and fill in the two fields that appear:

  1. Enter the name of the person or company that will submit the invoice.
  2. Choose your preferred payout method from the list. This is the method you will use to receive the funds your customers send you as payment.

Select method

After filling in the fields (we entered “ALFACashier” and “Perfect Money”), enter all your wallet information and press “Add.”


3. Now that all your payment information has been entered, you can begin creating an invoice.

Create invoice 2

On the invoice-creation page, do the following:

  1. Choose the currency in which your customer will pay the invoice, or give them the option of selecting their own preferred currency.

    Select the CryptoCurrency

  2. Fill in the “Invoice description” field.
  3. Enter the amount of the invoice in USD.
  4. Press “Send.”


To receive payment after creating the invoice, you will have to send the payment information to your customer. To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. Copy the invoice’s URL and send it to your customer on your own.
  2. Enter the email address of the customer you are planning to submit the invoice to and send it. The system will automatically send your customer an email containing a link to the invoice.
  3. If need be, return to the Merchant page to create new invoices.

Invoice details

In this case, if you have selected the crypto-currency in which your customer will pay for goods or services (we are using Bitcoins in our example), the address and amount in Bitcoins will already have been generated. All other options remain the same.

Picture 10

Customer Section.

If you have chosen to let the customer select their own payment option:

  1. After following the link they received from you, the customer will choose their preferred cryptocurrency (we are using Bitcoins in our example).

    Picture 11

  2. After pressing “Continue,” the customer will be taken to the payment page. (If you have already selected a payment method, the customer will be taken directly to the payment form).

    Picture 12

Congratulations! You can now accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment and receive instant payments to the system of your choosing!

If you have any problems, please feel free to send them to our Customer Support Service.

We hope you find our new service easy and convenient to use.
Regards, ALFAcashier team.

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